1. Research before you Kasjing. Know something about the product. Decide in advance which features are important to you. What's importent for you, lower price, more features or higher quality? What level of discount do they offer generally – don't satisfy for less when haggling. Know your target price you'd be willing to accept and agree on what you expect as a Kasjing group before entering the store. And where to go, if the haggling isn't  successfull.

  1. Choose a negotiater for the Kasjing group. Avoid discussions, choose a negotiater to haggle on behalf of the Kasjing group.

  1. Ask for the store manager. Don't be shy, you know why you're at the store, and so does the store manager/seller. Let them have it! How many you are. What amount you're planning to spent and what items. Let the the store manager make a first bid – then you start haggling.

Accept different rates for items on sale and list priced items. Gift certificate is another option. If so, ask for more. Remember – allways treat the staff with respect. Use humor to lighten up the conversation.

  1. Reaching the goal. If the negotiater reaches the goal for the Kasjing group, buy the stuff and be happy. If not, leave the store and try the next store on the list.

  1. Accept a ”No”. Not every attempt to haggle is welcomed. If so, just leave the store. It's there loss of business. You haven’t lost anything by trying.

  1. Timing. Most sellers are on a bonus. They are more eager at the end of a month making a sale reaching a monthly quota or more willing to deal when an item is going out of season or out of model year. Help the seller reduce unwanted inventory, and increase your discount.

  1. Cash is king!. Using cash is the best. Credit cards to pay for your purchase cost about 1-2 percent to the seller’s profit. Never ask for a credit.

  1. Share the experience on Kasjing Facebook. Let other people know where to get the best deals, at what quotes etc. on